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2019 Interior Style Trends
07 January 2019

2019 Interior Style Trends

Just like every other year, 2019 brings its own style trends, including big, comfortable beds, handmade furniture, glossy metals, antiques, and houseplants that are not only attractive but scrub the air clean of indoor pollutants. One trend that we at Francini are very happy to see is the popularity of natural materials, such as stone.

Stone has never really gone out of fashion. Nothing beats stone for its beauty and durability. It's been around for millions of years and will last millions more, whether it's a metamorphic stone such as marble or a stone made in the bowels of volcanoes, such as granite.

Here are some of the stones we sell at Francini and how they are a perfect fit for 2019 interior style trends.


Imagine a granite top for a kitchen counter, a bathroom vanity or a kitchen island or peninsula. It does not have to be the familiar salt and pepper pattern, but can have prehistoric swirls of gold or blue and tan, green and gray, black and white. They can have clouds and veins that resemble marble. Our different types of granite come from around the world.

To see how all the ways Granite could be the right fit for you, take a look at The Francini Inc. Granite Collection!


Softer than granite, marble looks like it pulls in light then releases it into the room. Not only this, as it ages it takes on a beautiful lustrousness. Marble is a perfect stone for the bathroom, and few things are more beautiful than marble tile on the walls and floor or more elegant than a marble tub deck or vanity top.

To see how all the ways Marble could be the right fit for you, take a look at our collection of Marble by Francini Inc.!


Marble and granite need to be sealed because they are porous, but the great and ironic thing about soapstone is that it is so soft that it doesn’t need to be sealed at all. It doesn’t mind hot pots or a drop or two of a drain cleaner spilled on it. As for scratches, all that needs to be done is a buffing with sandpaper. Our soapstone comes in shades of black, green and blue and has a smooth, lovely, “soapy” feel.

To see how all the ways Soapstone could be the right fit for you, take a look at our collection of Soapstone by Francini Inc.!


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